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Location: Sala Polivalentă, Iasi — Date: 21-22 April — Hours: 09:00 - 17:00

Come along with us and our sponsor Resonance at the sixth edition of Resonance ELECTRIC SHOW, where besides the two race cars presented by the TUIASI Racing, Formula Student team, you will also be able to see exhibits from the largest producers of electrical and automation equipment, lighting, electrical appliances and accessories for electrical installations.


Our sponsor Motul supports and inspires confidence when maintaining the motors used in our Formula Student race cars!We are using Motul 300V 10W40 engine oil, RBF 660 brake fluid, chain lube and other products in preparation for this years competition at Formula Student Netherlands

We thank you!


The oil Motul 300V 4T 10W40 and the sparks Denso Iridium Power, the perfect combination for an amazing performance. Thanks our sponsors Motul and Denso for equipment offered! Using both products together we were able to tune the engine in a better way which means the gain of 12 BHP on medium RPM range and a gain of 3 BHP at high RPM. During Efficiency event we have a nice surprise to see that we were able to burn less fuel maintaining a high competitivity during the race, compared to last event on same track with same driver and engine, we gain 6 places on ranking.

The oil: Motul 300 V 4T Factory Line, 10W-40, Racing lubricant for race bikes, 100% Synthetic – Double Ester. Performance: -Extra engine power up to 3%. -Stability in engine running after long time exposed to maximum power regime, without no small knocking noise like in other product used. The sparks: Denso Iridium Power. Performance: -Improved burning process seen as smaller carbon deposit on spark plug and exhaust valves.

T.U.Iasi Racing Team thanks our partner Color-Metal, for supply with Aluminium, to process spindles, pedals, steering wheel and differential. We are honored to have them join us as partner Color-Metal ! Thank you,and we want to have a close and productive collaboration!

Website: Color-Metal SRL

T.U.Iasi Racing thank the new sponsor EKY SAM, for the support offered, to develop the T.U.Iasi Racing 2017 project! We are honored to have them join us as Gold sponsor EKY SAM ! Thank you,and we want to have a closer and productive collaboration!

Website: EKY SAM

Festive atmosphere in these days at Mitsubishi Motors Showroom from Casa Auto Iași. We invite you at ”Mitsubishi Technology Open Doors"! Special guest: T.U.Iasi Racing Team. As special guest at this event dedicated technology, waiting in Mitsubishi Showroom, monopost made by the team of students and teachers from Technical University ”Gheorghe Asachi” Iasi.

FSAE Italy and Formula Student East ended. T.U.Iasi Racing team a finished on 30/39 at Italian competition, and 16/29 at Hungarian competition. 2016 was a success for us from all points of view, competing for the first time in two competitions Formula Student, getting more points in the rank. We thank our sponsors and partners for supporting us and for the trust that they have and we hope to mantain the collaboration!

Thank you ZenGarage Iasi for the support provided in the exhaust manifold design and execution that will be used on the 2016. In addition, we want to have a closer collaboration for the next generation of cars.

Facebook: Zen Garage Iasi

Lear Corporation

As global leader in car seats and provision of systems and electric vehicle management , Lear team is always looking for the most exciting innovations , that will help and serve business customers.

We are honored to have them join us as gold sponsor LearCorporation!

Thank you,and we want to have a close and productive collaboration!

RESONANCE - Electric Equipments

As leaders on the electric equipments market in Moldova, they are near us as a GOLD Sponsor.

Thank you Resonance for the support provided in restoration of the electric infrastructure in our Formula Student workshop, making us safe and comfortable when using our machinery.

Innovation for the Real World!

Delphi Diesel Systems Iasi believed in us and was there for us since the first participation. Together with #Delphi we made the history of T.U. Iasi Racing! Because of that, they are more than a SILVER SPONSOR for us. Thank you, Delphi Diesel Systems Romania!

We are honored to have Casa Auto Iasi near us as a GOLD SPONSOR. Alongside a professional and trustworthy team who by 15 years ago represents many top auto brands in Iasi, the stage is ours!

This is the beginning of a long term succesfull collaboration.

Seriosity, high professional standards and respect: Eurotech-Iasi. We thank you for your information and technical support provided!

Thank you Iasi Airport for your technical support and information provided. Alongside the professional team within the most dynamic institution in Iasi, we are going to represent Iasi and Romania at Formula Student competition in Italy and Hungary!

Thanks IPEXIM Brasov

for helping us,sponsoring a new cooling system that will be implemented on the new race car built for Formula Student 2016.

With the new radiator,cooling system is simplified,bringing a big plus in powertrain cooling and not least,improved performance.

On 8 Decembrie 2015,we will be with CENIT and Dassault Systemes,at the Marriott Hotel in Bucharest. Do not miss the chance to experience the most innovative solutions in the industry to join us in Transportation & Mobility Solutions Experience Forum!

The monopost built in 2013 will be exhibited at the conference,throughout the day to be admired by audience.

On 18 to 24 August 2015, TUIASI Racing team competed in the Formula Student Hungary, in Gyor, with the opponent teams in all major countries of Europe.We put in practice new technologies, ideas, keeping chest teams in the West, such as Germany, Portugal, Austria, Poland or Rusia.Monopost with which we competed, will be upgraded and improved for the 2016 competition.Thank our sponsors!

'Another team of young innovators in Sports Motoring.'

'Change comes from three things: motivation, resources and skills. And when we meet highly motivated and competent young people we are willing to support them because they have the resources necessary for innovation.'

We thank the Romanian Sports Motoring Federation for the support and cooperation!

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T.U.Racing Iasi reportage - DIGI TV .

The monopost at Inventions.

On June 26, 2015 was held the 19th edition of the INVENTICA in the Hall of Lost Steps. TUIASI Racing Team was present with the monopost built for the Formula Student competition Hungary in 2015, being one of the stars of the show. .

The monopost gathered appreciations from the guests and visitors, they were pleasantly surprised by the innovation of the students of Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi.

'All the pieces of the car are made by us. Even if some parts were purchased, were adapted to what we needed. The monopost reaches 100 km/h somewhere at 3.2 seconds. Kneeling many Porsches' says Alexandru Gramada,TUIASI Racing team member.

- 'The maximum speed is at 240, then we have to brake. -Have you worked much for this project? - Day and night, we worked very much for this project, because we had a problem with the sponsors and we had to make all the pieces we needed for the car." said Petros Balios TUIASI Racing team member.

TUIASI Racing team wins the 2015 edition of TEDX.

TED (Technology Entertainment and Design) are a couple of global conferences held by an American non-profit association, the Sapling Foundation, organized to spread 'ideas worth promoted'.

With the occasion of the 2015 edition TedxIasi,TUIASI Racing team was included and accepted in the conference where they presented their ideas but also the future ones from the Formula Student project.

Therefore, following debates of all participants, the audience rated and supported our project and ideas, the team collecting the highest number of votes from the audience , this topping our team on the first place.

We thank for your support TedXIasi and last but not least, the public who supported and voted us.

The monopost on the circuit at 2015 Expo & Burn.

This year, the seventh edition of Expo & Burn event, organized by the League of Students from the Faculty of Mechanics, we were invited to take part in the presentation.

The monopost built by the students from the T.U. IASI Racing team has raised to the visitors expectations level.

At the event took part professional racing drivers from all over Moldavia,bringing with them hundreds of supercars tuned by horse power.

During the show, besides the numerous glances, feedback and pictures from the public, the monopst went on the circuit and demonstrated how fast and powerful can be.

Auto-moto salon 2015 .

On April 4, TU Iasi Racing team made a short trip to Bucharest, where the Auto-Moto Show took place in Piata Constitutiei.

For those who do not know, Auto-Moto Show, is an event specialized nature, addressing both the general public and automotive professionals and moto,being present the most powerful and popular car brands,all of the world.

'Orange Devil' exposed to EBEC Iasi 2015.

The team was with the monopost at EBEC Iasi. The guests were interested in our project and were impressed by our achievements. We hope that we can continue to participate in other events where we can present our achievements.

European BEST Engineering Competition Iasi (Iasi EBEC) - Local stage of Iasi is the largest engineering competition in Europe.

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'Orange Devil' exposed to EBEC Iasi 2015

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  • "We represent a team that is truly dedicated for international projects, a team that is willing to prove to everybody both our engineering and managerial skills." Ionut Bocanet - Team Captain
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